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We don’t mind admitting that we believe life is for living. So, our first question will always be ‘Why are you investing and not spending the money?’

If your answer means you should be investing it, we need to know when you anticipate needing to withdraw the money and what you have earmarked it for. Is it to supplement income in retirement, to pay for holidays, to buy a car or something else?

We like to keep things simple! The worst place for a short-term investment is in the stock market and the worst place for a long-term investment is in the bank. The key to good advice is getting the balance right between the two.

If you’re investing over the long term, say more than ten years, then the stock market will be a big part of your plan. Our strategies consider that for every ten years, two or three will not be as successful as the rest. This means our ten-year strategy has predictions levelled out, and we won’t go changing direction at every market downturn.

We aim to make sure your investment works hard while you get on with your life.

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Your plans

Your plans

Just sitting down with the experienced team at Campbell Harrison will help concentrate your thoughts about your investments and why you’re putting money away. We’ll ensure your money is in the right place to get the outcome you need, when you need it. 

Retirement income

Retirement income

We help you invest smarter for a supplementary retirement income. Should it make financial sense to do so, we’ll boost your retirement planning with a long-term investment strategy that gets results. You’ll be reassured by our personal, attentive service.

To have a successful retirement you need a structured investment strategy that works through the various ups and downs of world events. We’ve devised such a strategy and can show how this has worked for our clients. 

Clear reporting

Clear reporting

You want your financial performance to be easy to understand. At Campbell Harrison, we take care not to bombard our clients with jargon and confusing data. Instead, we report with clear and concise investment updates that make staying on top of things easy.

Retirement Planning

Ensure your financial plans will pay for your dream retirement.

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